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Indoor Air Quality
Air quality testing is extremely important for businesses in Ontario. Regular air testing is essential to ensuring that the workplace is compliant with regulations that are in place for employee safety. There are a number of different contaminants that can be released into the air as a result of the following:
  • Deteriorating building materials or furnishings;
  • The equipment and processes that the business uses;
  • Climate within the workplace; and
  • The occupants of the area.
Indoor air quality testing should be comprehensive in order to identify potential problems before they escalate into significant issues.
The testing will look to identify issues with the environment such as unacceptable temperature, humidity and excessive noise. Air contaminants will also be identified such as chemicals, dust, mold and gases.
Comprehensive air quality testing will also examine the existing air exchanges or ventilation to diagnose potential problems with poor air circulation.
The purpose of indoor air quality testing is to limit the employees' exposure to harmful agents that might be found in the workplace. Businesses in the industrial, mining and manufacturing sectors rely heavily on air quality testing due to the nature of their processes and the heavy machinery that is typically involved. These facilities are more susceptible to volatile organic compounds, oil mist and welding fumes and this can cause serious health risks for employees.
The Importance of Air Quality Testing
Most air quality test programs are ordered due to an employee complaint investigation. Waiting until an issue is reported can be very risky for a business because it can open up the possibility of a lawsuit based on negligence.
All businesses should conduct regular air quality testing as a part of due diligence on behalf of industry. Besides the value of providing a safe workplace for employees, this type of testing will help protect the business from any type of legal action from employees in the future.
Indoor Noise Testing
The long-term effects from exposure to unsafe levels of noise are becoming increasingly well-known. Ontario has reduced the noise exposure limits for workers in industrial facilities to provide a safer work environment. This reduction comes in an attempt to limit the number of short-term and long-term complications that result from exposure to elevated noise levels. This new reduction is outlined under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and applies to all businesses in Ontario.
Professional Air Quality Testing
A professional environmental consulting company will be able to provide expert air quality testing for any type of facility. These companies also typically offer acoustic auditing services that will ensure the workplace meets the new noise standards that have been put in place.
In the event that the air quality testing is being done for an Environmental Compliance Approval, an environmental consulting company will be able to provide additional services that may be required for the approval process.
Whether your business is located in the Greater Toronto Area, Ajax, Burlington, or anywhere else in Ontario, it is important to choose an environmental consulting company that is willing to go the extra mile to meet your business needs. This will result in strong business relationships and repeat business, since air quality testing is usually required on a regular basis. Contact an environmental consulting company for your air quality testing today.
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